• Marketing Guru Kevin C. Gleaton Can Make Things Easier

  • Posted on September 21, 2020
  • Kevin C. Gleaton

    All through his career, Kevin C. Gleaton has worked n virtually every type of marketing project you can name, and for every type of client, as well. He's gained experience working on high-profile marketing campaigns, of course, but he will tell you he;s learned even more while working on marketing for smaller-scale enterprises and on campaigns that make successes of small businesses. Many credit his enthusiasm for small-scale marketing for his reputation as a marketer with what they call a "contagious optimism" for the future of small business. He is also recognized for his style, which is often described as "tell it like it is" and referred to as "refreshing" because of his natural honesty and integrity.

    Through his long career in digital marketing, Kevin C. Gleaton has virtually done it all. He's managed marketing budgets of all sizes, up to more than $25 million, and he's done the job well for clients of all sizes and shapes. Even these days, Kevin is working on projects for a variety of clients. His current jobs run the gamut, from handling website SEO for a small client to functioning as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a mid-sized business with a $10M annual marketing budget. As noted, his experience means he can handle it all.

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